Dhiman Das, Contributor

16th December is the Victory Day of Bangladesh . In that day in 1971 Pakistan Army surrendered to Bangladeshi freedom fighters including their 93 thousands soldiers.Bangladesh was a combined country before 1971 with Pakistan from 1947 .

For making my writing comprehensible I used Bangladesh in place of East Pakistan and Pakistan in place of West Pakistan . Though there was about 1200 kilometers distance between these two lands , Bangladeshi people were agreed to stay together with them. But it was not possible as Pakistani Government had started to rule Bangladesh as inferior to them . Their rule discrimination was worth mentioning . The Pakistan government tried to break down the culture,economy,education,liberty of Bangladeshi people forever . Even they conspired to make Urdu as the state language of both lands denying 56% peoples mother language Bangla .Mohammed Ali Jinnah in many public meetings had been announcing ”Only Urdu shall be the state language of Pakistan” .But the students reaction against this speech was noticeable instantly .Then a movement occurred to keep Bangla as the state language of Bangladesh . All the educated people of Bangladesh felt the importance of Bangla as state language and they could understand the outset of Pakistani rulers conspiracy . A students procession came out from Dhaka University on 21st February to save Bangla as mother tongue and in that movement Pakistani rulers ordered the police to fire on . Then the road became more crowded and this brutal killing chased other sensual Bengali young to come on road to save Bangla . The revolt for protecting Bangla as state language become more forceful. As a result, the Pakistani brutal timid administration became afraid and to control the situation they agreed to make Bangla as the state language of Bangladesh. From then we Bangladeshi remember this day with due respect and go Shahid Minar bare footed to offer flowers to our martyrs. There is no nation who sacrifices their lives for their mother language. Its rare in worlds history and to show the great tribute to these brave deed UNESCO has declared 21st February as International Mother Language Day.

The brutal Pakistani ruler didn’t stop their heinous activities only by doing those. They had done everything without thinking of peoples welfare. The process of pakistani ruling over Bangladesh was nothing but kidding and scandalous .

They had collected a huge amount of revenue from Bangladesh but spent the major part of it for developing the economy of Pakistan. In job sector they never recruited Bangladeshi peoples. All the recruitment of high officials were mere showing. For Bangladesh they didn’t do anything good but chewed its resources.

Actually they ruled Bangladesh to make it a desert. But a great Bengali raised voice against those oppression over the innocent people of Bangladesh. He dreamed to make it a golden land of innocent people where the people will face no discrimination to live. He loved Bangladesh and her peoples too much. Bangladeshi people also loved him from their core of heart and support him always. He is none but the father of Bangladesh named Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. His name is involved with history of the emergence of Bangladesh. He had delivered his historical speech in 1966, 1971 to make us aware of Pakistani oppression.

His speech of 1966, Election Victory in 1970, Speech on 26 March in 1971 resulted the birth of independent nation Bangladesh indeed. It was 25th March when the Pakistani Government made Operation Search Light to kill the slept Bengalis brutally. And they started their heinous, inhuman killing operation at mid night in all over the country. Only in Dhaka city they killed about five thousands innocent peoples. Even they didn’t show sympathy to new born child, old people or to pregnant woman. Their sexual harassment upon the girls before family members were too feral to mention. Their killing process of innocent supposed to be the most heinous deeds of worlds history. On 26th March that means after 25th March at mid night within 12:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. the father of Bangladesh Bango Bandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman before getting arrest had declared the independence of Bangladesh. In his speech he for the first time announced Bangladeshi people to take weapon on hand against Pakistani brutal, heinous, corrupted arm forces.

Then this speech was telecast from Chottogram Radio Center by the name of Mujib for several times. Actually it was the lunching speech for freedom fight of Bangladesh.

Then the Bengali form Muktibahini (freedom fighter) to face war against Pakistan brutal troops. Although they were not skilled they got spirit from inflammatory speech. They sacrificed their life for the shake of Bangladesh. The war had started from 26th March and ended in 16th December, through the surrender of Pakistani armed forces. After a prolonged war of about 9 months, on 16th December we achieved our glorious victory through loosing a numerous freedom fighters. Their contribution to this land will ever remembered by the people of Bangladesh. They will be remain alive in our history forever. We never forget their contribution.

The day 16th December is now a memorable day in Bengali history. Every year Bangladeshi people arrange different programs to celebrate the day. Each educational institution also arranges many events to make awareness about Liberation War among the students.

writer : Student of Brindabon Govt College, Habiganj.
Hons 3rd year in English Department.